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Olga Gavriilidou

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Graphology is the art of analyzing handwriting.  Handwriting is the result of the brain sending messages to the hand in order to transcribe thoughts and ideas.  Handwriting features are unique to each individual.  Graphology recognizes at least 300 different features in handwriting which when grouped together illustrate the writer’s mentality.  Analyzing these features is a complex and elaborate process but when completed, provides a thorough knowledge and deeper understanding of the individual’s personality.

An individual’s personality is defined by a set of characteristics and it is these characteristics which makes him unique.  These characteristics represent all the innate thoughts, urges, feelings, potential behavior patterns, fears and coping mechanisms that each individual possesses and they are indicative of how a person functions psychologically. Graphology is an effective tool in the examination and interpretation of these personalized characteristics as each individual leaves his mark through the scenic movement of handwriting.

More specifically, a Graphologist spends time analyzing the general features of handwriting such as size, direction, structure, slant etc, noting down any personal graphic peculiarities. The purpose of the analysis is not only the classification of but also the disclosure of individual personal peculiarities. Therefore, the aim of the analysis is to decode the symbols of the writing movement and to provide an accurate and in-depth account of the individual’s character.

Graphology can be divided into two distinct areas: Analytical Graphology and Forensic Graphology.

Analytical Graphology outlines the individual's personality and analyses the complicated layers of his character whereas Forensic Graphology examines handwriting in order to verify the "authorship" and identity of a writer with the intention of authenticating a handwritten document or signature.

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